About Gibbs

Eddie Gibb’s work in the community is founded in love, a commitment to hard work, integrity and building trust with his neighbors. Leadership to Eddie means activism with a purpose; accomplished through building coalitions between residents of East Harlem, public officials and local businesses. As a cornerstone of his values, it is his relationship with God that has guided his faithful dedication in service to the people of East Harlem for more than two decades.

Never one to shy away from any problem, Eddie is the champion of “roll-up-your-sleeves” and work until the job is done. He is a tireless advocate for residents of the community when they face problems large and small; whether assisting constituents with housing issues such as evictions, late rent payments or repairs or helping them with much needed employment, Eddie remains steadfast in his commitment to resolve any situation with which he is faced.
In the years that he has been given to service he has worked diligently to help those who are not able to help themselves and extended a hand to advance those who only need an encouraging push. In times of crisis, he is never far from the heart of the situation, ready and willing to support people in need wherever they are found. Some examples are:

  • Stood beside the Reverend Al Sharpton to address excessive use of force of law enforcement against local citizens
  • Provided victims of Hurricane Sandy with resources and supplies
  • Traveled to Flint, Michigan with more than 50,000 of donated water
  • Worked closely with the F.D.N.Y. to assist residents affected by the East Harlem explosion
  • Charted a vessel to assist with the search and recovery efforts of Malik Ford, (A young man who fell into the East River)
  • Joined in the Occupy Wall Street movement in two municipalities
  • Participated in countless “stop the violence” rallies and marches

Eddie also sponsors several annual events that contribute great value to the East Harlem community:

  • Unity in the Community BBQ
  • Thanksgiving Dinner and Coat Drive for Seniors and the Homeless
  • Christmas Toy Drive/Distribution

    He takes great pride in the fact that he’s not the standard politician. Eddie lives by the motto, “an ordinary person who is committed to doing extraordinary things for the East Harlem community”. In the twenty years that he has been working, Eddie has never accepted any compensation, it has all been done as a labor of love in volunteer service to the people of his community.