I am honored to have stood side by side with Gwen Carr in protest of the NYPD killing her son Eric Garner , honored to have march and protest side by side with councilman Jumaane William to protest the killing of Trayvon Martin, and honored to have stood side by side with Nicole Bell in protest of the NYPD killing her husband Sean Bell.

Community Leader Eddie Gibbs puts together a search team for Mrs. Nancy Remigio

On December 5th, 2016 Mrs. Nancy Remigio went missing from East Harlem. After receiving the phone call from her son Community Leader Eddie Gibbs put together a search team which included a team of three drivers/vehicles and a crew of people to put up fliers and make phone calls to several precincts and hospitals. On Thursday, December 8th,2016 Nancy was found well and alive.

  My mother has been found. God is great! It wasn’t possible with out my friend Eddie Gibbs. Thank you so much for your time and effort with the search and positive recovery of my mother Nancy Remigio. Leaders such as yourself do not come very often.

Edwin Remigio



I want to thank Community Leader Ed Gibbs for his assistance during the search and recovery of my son Malik. Ed Gibbs’ prayers and presences gave me comfort during this tragic time. Again, I thank you for all that you do for this community.

– Karen Cintron

“Ed Gibbs charters a boat to aid in the search and recovery of Malik Ford”

Ed Gibbs’ Thanksgiving Dinner for the Community

Community Leader Ed Gibbs Annual Thanksgiving Dinner has been success for the last 7 years

I enjoy the opportunity for serving and giving back to a community in need. It Is through the grace of god that I am able to do this and I’m both honored and humble to be a worthy servant.

I am looking forward towards my 8th annual Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless this year on November 23,2016. All are welcomed.

-Community Leader Ed Gibbs

Ed Gibbs and Elected Officials

EAs a community leader, i am always willing to work alongside elected officials to ensure that the East Harlem community benefits in resources and opportunities. I am both honored and humble to have work with many officials during my tenure as an activist/community leader. I’ve always support those who supported us.